Funny 4 Funds Comedy Show 

You will love every Minute of this night

The Cause

We are a totally volunteer group who is only able to operate with the help of your supporters generosity. We love to host fund raisers where you can come on out and hang with the team and get to know each of us and why we have donated part of our lives to this worth while organization. 


Brewed Awakenings Coffee House

This venue is small and offers an atmosphere that is friendly and a more personalized experience that a larger venue would not offer. The food is excellent and at moderate prices. 

Comedy Show

We are having a Comedy Show Fund Raiser and are looking for some show sponsors!!!!

If you sign up early you get a free month of advertising on our website starting the day you sign up and ending SIX MONTHS after the show. 

How you can beat that? So contact us for information TODAY!!!


Come join us for some great events, meet the team and have some laughs!!!

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April 18


Funny 4 Funds Comedy Show

Brewed Awakenings Johnston

Atwood Ave location


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April 18


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March of Dime Walk For Premies

It's that time of year again when we are all banding together to help in the fight to help keep the nations PREMIES from passing away way to soon!!!!

March of Dime walk for Babies Decidated for both Lawrence and Elias George Bethke

April 27, 2019

This cause is close to our hearts because two of our members had Premature babies. While Makayla has grown up to be a very healthy teenager Elias George has passed away several years ago of complications from his premature birth. He was a very happy and enjoyable infant that always had a smile on his beautiful face, He was a joy to be in the same room with let alone holding him. For his laughs and smiles. It is with great honor that we are hosting this fund raiser in his memory. So please come out and join us and if you can't make it please make a donation every single penny helps!!!!

Great big shout out to Steve Lombari from Country Mile Band for coming down and joining our DISCOVER SCUBA with Vicky(President), Josh(Safety Officer/Team Lead) and Kevin(Fund Raising/Team Lead) 


Discover Scuba​

We are proud to annouce that our discover scuba with DIve On It Scuba in Cumberland RI was and amazing time with all of our new friends. Every one who jumped in the pool with us left smiling and wanting to jump right on back in to do it all over again.   Chris and Allison the owners and instructors from Dive on It Scuba did a great job with instructing all of the newbies , Vicky, Kevin and Josh helped assist gearing everyone up and got  them ready for their first breathes underwater.

The whole team was there getting  to know everyone and a few people even joined the team. 

We want to give a special thanks to the 

Boys and Girls Club in Cumberland RI for hosting our event without them this would not have been possible.

Dive Master's Class

March 28, 2019

We are super excited to announce that with the help of CT Scuba Academy and East Bay Dive Shop out of Warren Rhode Island our president Vicky will be starting her Dive Masters Pool Class time this coming Monday February 25, 2019.

This is a very long and hard process but with all of our supporters behind us it is making the process a little bit easier. Our Social Media person Coraly will be there to document how the class went and to show you how amazing the local dive shops are in their training of new divers. .

If anyone would like to learn how to dive East Bay Dive Shop and Dive on It Scuba are amazing so contact them and sign up today!!!

I want to report that my very first dive masters class couldn't have been better. The Instructor Joe and Dive Master Mark were extremely kind and helpful with instructing me on what I needed to do. They let me take on the challenge of helping new students on gear set up and helped work on some of the basic skills such as snorkel/regulator swapping, clearing a flooded mask, out of air scenario, 5 pt decent and ascent. Just to name a few. I have to say I didn't want class to end but it was getting a tad bit cold!!! Can't wait for next Monday March 4th to go to my next one. 

From your President Vicky

East Bay Dive Center Located in historical Warren has been part of the dive community for many years. The owner Dave runs a friendly knowledgeable shop he has built on years of diving himself. His prices are reasonable and he is willing to work with everyone who shares a passion for his life long profession. Our president got her open water certification here and its where she fell in love with the sport. Make sure you say hi to the shops mascot "KENZIE" when you go on it. And tell him Vicky sent you. 

                                  8 Church Street

                              Warren Rhode Island


Dive on It Scuba might have new owners for the past few years but we have to say that the new ones Allison and Chris are making a name for themselves in the Dive community. They are located in Cumberland and dive frequently in our local Jamestown waters. The president just recently finished up her advanced dive certification thru Chris and Allison and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning the sport. We look forward to joining Allison down in Ft Wetherell Jamestown for their soon to be famous DINE AND DIVES!!! Allison look out we are coming with our team to join you in the food and fun!

                               1000 Mendon Road

                        Cumberland Rhode Island




We all had a great time coming out and meeting all of you and FREEZING our butts off!!!

Thanks for all of your support and the Alex and Ani Center

Even in the freezing cold I want to say how proud I am of my team and their dedication for all the hard work they all put in making this event happen. We all met some amazing people that I hope that we can consider friends.

From your president Vicky

Our Junior and Mini members were troopers helping us sell our baked goods and having a great time while doing so. They are making us all so very proud of them. Great JOB guys!!!!


We want to thank this amazing band and the Olde Theatre Diner  for hosting another fund raiser for our team.

It was a great night of music and food with lots of friends to help us celebrate the new year!!!

We are honored that one very special person helped us raise even more money by donating her cash winnings back to us. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts Valerie Romano for your generous heart!!!

CHECK OUT THEIR  website: for some additional events.

We want to annouce that our favorite singer from Country Mile Band STEVE LOMBARI will be diving with Josh and I at our very first ever DISCOVER SCUBA EVENT!!! So come on down and put on some gear and hop in the pool with us and have some fun!!!

Olde Theater Diner

Some of the team members of New England Search and Rescue Team having a great time with Country Mile Band at Olde Theater Diner. One of many more nights to come!!! Thanks to you all for all that you have done in supporting us.

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“A good country song takes a page out of somebody's life and puts it to music"

Conway Twitty


Have you ever wondered how you can donate to one of your favorite charities with out spending a single extra penny. We are excited to announce that AMAZON SMILE donates a portion of your purchases  to any non profit organization that you have chosen as your organization. So please feel free to check them out and please chose us as your charity. We are greatful for any and all help you can provide. 


Josh and I spent our Friday Night in the Boys and Girls Club pool showing off our dive skills that we have been working on with both Dive On It Scuba and CT Scuba Academy

It was great to be back in some gear making sure it was in good working order for Saturdays Rescue Dive Class with CT Scuba Academy!!!

We want to take the time to thank CCRI for doing an in depth interview on NESAR that will be posted on their website in the very near future. We were able to discuss our vision for the upcoming season's and where we would like the team to be.

"We are striving to achieve the same excellence that the local fire dept's maintain throughout their years in service to the public."

 At some point we would like to work along side them helping to keep the public safe from tragedy." None of which is possible with out the help from all of you.

On our trip out to the KEYS we came across this amazing dive shop, Scuba Outlet located in Key Largo. Our biggest obstacle after we are trained will be getting DIVE gear for the team. But with the help of a very knowledgeable young man by the name of Austin we are happy to say we will be the proud owners of brand new gear for the team come mid March early April. The gear we will be purchasing is the TUSA Sets at the top Middle. It comes with a BCD, Regulator, Air 2, Computer and a dive bag. 

In order to make this all happen though we need everyone's support with our next few fund raisers. 

Watch the page in the up coming weeks for our big announcement on the next phase of fund raisers we have planned for you. We promise you will be just as excited to participate as we are to host.

Rescue Dive Class 2019

Next Class is February 2, 2019



                          RESCUE DIVE CLASS

And so it has begun!!! As of January 5, 2019 we have raised enough money with all of your help to begin our rescue dive class with CT Scuba Academy. These amazing instructors were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. This class will be a very difficult class but well worth every minute of it. We will be documenting the progress and journey from my rescue dive class straight through to instructor. So please stay tuned for all of our updates. We want you to know what your donations are paying for!!!

                           CT SCUBA ACADEMY

We want to thank each and every person who has supported us in this journey. We will do our best to help any one who is in need of our services. We are a non-profit all volunteer team so it is very important that we are able to raise these funds and wouldn't be able to with out all of your  help. SO THANK YOU!!!

We will post more pictures of our next class. 

Foxwoods Bus Trip

We are sorry to announce that we have no choice but to postpone our Foxwood's Trip due to the Buffet being closed which is part of your ticket price will be rescheduled for early spring!!!

Up coming trip to Foxwoods inSpring of 2019 time to be announced tickets will be $35 each and will come with a Buffet ticket and $10 of game play for every one on the bus. Bus will be there during Bingo times as well so if you love Bingo come on and join us as well. There will be a raffle for a one night stay at the casino for during the week. And lots more going on during the bus ride, lots of ways to win great prizes and gambling money!!!!

Let Us know if you are interested !!! The more the merrier.

A Fully Trained Water Search and Rescue Team

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Woods Tavern 

We want to give a special thanks to Wood's Tavern for hosting our recent fund raiser on Dec 15th. They were amazing with all of their help in the planning and the donation of a gift certificate for Wood's Tavern. Thanks again to all of their staff and a special thanks to Brent and Liz

George's Pub

We want to thank George's Pub for the generous donation of a gift certificate to their Pub. If your in the area they serve fabulous Pizza and Subs and the bartenders make amazing drinks so go on in and give them a try.

Just for Dogs

We want to thank Just For Dogs for the generous donation for some great quality pet grooming. I personally take my dogs there and they are kind, professional and treat all the animals very well. My dogs love to go in there and are excited each time they do. So please if your in the area stop in and check them out. You won't want to bring your animals any where else. They are located in North Smithfield.


Fitness Together

We want to say thank you to Fitness Together for donating 3 training sessions at their gym. They have a team of highly qualified trainers to help you achieve all your fitness goals. Their staff is friendly and extremely helpful with any of your questions or concerns. So go on in and start your New Years Resolutions early. All of their trainers are fabulous but if you get a chance to book an appointment with Steve you won't regret it!!!!

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Learn more about the activities conducted by New England Search and Rescue. Below is the schedule of our upcoming events and programs throughout Rhode Island and Connecticut.

For emergencies, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email today.

Pink Heals

We are very happy to partner up with an amazing organization who has helped communities all over the US fight cancer. Our two organizations believe in giving back to the community whenever we can so we are co-hosting several beach clean ups over the summer at several of the Rhode Island beaches.  There will be some amazing entertainment and lots of raffles and prizes for you to win. Plus we will have the opportunity to see the famous PINK HEALS vehicles so come on out and sign them in memory of a loved one.

  Come on out and join us for a day of mutual giving!!!

Dates to be announced!!


Raichel and Roger from Risen will be coming Up soon to perform at one of our events

We are super excited to announce the collaboration with Roger and Rachel of Risen!!!! They have been performing for many years all over the south and have recently been signed by Fully Equipped record label. They have a unique sound and are a pleasure to listen to. They will be performing at one of our beach clean ups this summer so stay turned for more information.

Here is a little history on RISEN!!!!

Back in 2006 Roger Attaway was awakened from a sound sleep in the early morning hours with a burning desire to start a "Christian Rock Band" The band was to be called RISEN. Roger was known for not doing anything like this before and many dismissed the idea and even called him CRAZY. The desire was so strong he decided to go for it. As the word started spreading of his mission booking after booking came in many times 3 times a day he was asked to perform. It was evident that for a guy who always thought he couldn't sing he had some greater calling and that is when RISEN was born. 

 Roger's wife Raichel collaborates with him to write almost all of their own songs. That both unique and heart felt. 

CT Scuba Academy

We want to offer a special thanks to CT Scuba for the dedication and knowledge that they bring to each student that they teach. We are honored to have them teaching our team specialty diving that will make us stronger and better able to serve the public. They bring a higher standard to the profession that is required to serve the public. We look forward to working closely with them over the next part of our journey.

Connecticut Scuba Academy is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to providing educational services for, Scientific, Public Safety, and Adaptive scuba diving. We also offer recreational scuba certification programs for other organizations and non profits like the Scouts and YMCA's. We believe anyone and everyone can experience the adventure and exploration of diving. Financial, physical, or intellectual impairments shouldn't keep a child or adult from living a full and adventurous life. Therefore, we offer special scuba lessons and pricing to meet the needs of any individual or group. 

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