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A Fully Trained Water Search and Rescue Team

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In loving memory of one of our most dedicated members Lawrence Bethke. Lawrence worked for years on the water. Learning water safety and boating skills. It is where he felt the most comfortable. In 2012 both Lawrence and Vicky decided to take their passion for the water a step further and became open water divers. Making them better suited for the volunteer work that ensued with NESAR over the next 2 years. 

Lawrence was always the first person to volunteer for any search no matter how long or where it was located. He had a passion for helping others that this team is known for. But it didn't stop there he also volunteered for several other organizations like "Providence Canteen and Night Vision" Both organizations benefited from his passion and drive to better someone else's life. His whole life he wanted to give back to the community when ever and where ever he could. He had two other passions in life the first was to be a good father to his son Elias George Bethe and to become a police officer. He was given that opportunity to become an officer and moved back to New Jersey to start another chapter of his life. Again Lawrence found a worth while cause to donate his time to. The inner city children of the Newark New Jersey area, where fortunate enough to have his assistance in their juvenile division of boot camp. Where he thrived as one of the instructors. On holidays and weekends you could find Lawrence cooking home cooked meals for his co-workers that were stuck away from their families in order to protect their communities.  He was a huge animal advocate and adored the pitbull that Vicky adopted and treated her like family. He was often found taking her out for dinner or breakfast and sharing a meal with her out on the patio of some local food establishments. Willow was always excited to spend her vacation time in New Jersey with Lawrence. His love for animals didn't stop there he adopted a beaten and abused pitbull himself named Hooch. He treated Hooch just like one of the family as well, taking him hiking and for runs and any where you could bring a dog Hooch followed.

Lawrence is one of the reason's that we have now created our two newest divisions of NESAR our MINI and JUNIOR RESCUERS was something he would have loved and helped with even from afar.

Nesar was still in his heart even from a far and it didn't stop him from helping with NESAR whenever we needed him. He was always there, just a phone call away. It is with a heavy heart that we say good bye to this amazing person but he will always be remembered fondly and will be greatly missed by us all. 


Get to Know Our Volunteers at New England Search and Rescue 

The members of our water rescue team have a strong work ethic and drive to be the best at what they do. We all work hard to get the training we need so we can be prepared for every search and rescue operation in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Moreover, our team is compassionate, dedicated, and detail-orientated. We will not stop until we bring everyone home! 

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The members of our water rescue team have a strong work ethic and drive to be the best at what they do. We all work hard to get the training we need so we can be prepared for every search and rescue operation in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Moreover, our team is compassionate, dedicated, and detail-orientated. We will not stop until we bring everyone home! 

Vicky Rogers-Zion


Vicky Rogers-Zion has been with NESAR for the last several years in many positions, ranging from secretary and boat operator to most recently, President/Commander. She is currently working on her Rescue Dive certification and will be moving towards Dive Instructor so she may train all of our incoming members who need certification.

She will also be taking EDRI training to become better able to serve the public during a search. She has shown that she can be a great leader and organizer for the team and we look forward to seeing what she has in store for us in the near future. Welcome back Vicky.

CJ Combs

Vice President

CJ Combs has been with NESAR since day of inception. He started out as a regular member of the team but worked his way all the way up to Vice President in his years of dedicated service. He always had great tech skills and has been a great asset in the COMMS department. This year, CJ will become a diver so that he can better assist us on land while conducting a search. We look forward to working closely with him in his new role as Vice President.

Tiya Boissel


She is new to our organization but has a very strong work ethic and great attention to detail. She will be a great asset with keeping records for us during our meetings and keeping everyone’s files and paperwork up to date and in order.

This year, Tiya will become a diver so that she may assist the team with more knowledge of what we will need to serve the public. She comes to us with several years of service in the U.S. Navy and we thank her for her service. Welcome aboard Tiya.

Edwin Dominguez


He has recently joined NESAR but comes to us with some great skills keeping our finances in order. He has taken over our Treasurer position. Edwin will become an open water diver and ERDI trained to assist us in the water during a search. He has always had a desire to help the community with keeping everyone safe on the water. Welcome aboard Edwin.

Joshua Chevalier

Safety Officer/Team Lead

He has recently joined NESAR having spent the last year diving and learning water safety. He is detail-oriented and a great asset to have in the water. He has taken over the position of Safety Officer.

Josh has a tremendous desire for helping others on the water and making sure that everyone is safe while doing so. He will be undertaking ERDI training as well as furthering his skills by becoming a dive master as to assist with training of the upcoming new members who need to become certified. Welcome aboard Josh.

Kris​ten Sami

PR/Fund Raising

Kristen Sami has worked with NESAR over the last few years in many roles but the one that best fits her is Public Relations and Fundraising. She has proven to have a great work ethic when it comes to community service and helping us serve the public. Her new role as head of our PR and Fundraising department suites her well. She already has some amazing ideas awaiting us for the upcoming year.

Kristen is also a diver and over the next year, will become an EDRI diver and work towards her dive master to assist us in training of the next new recruits. Welcome back Kristen.

Ross Sylvia

Equipment Specialist

He has recently joined NESAR and has spent several years working for the state in law enforcement. He has a wide range of knowledge in public safety due to the line of work he is currently in. Ross has taken on our Equipment Specialist job which entails keeping all of our equipment serviced and running properly. He will make sure that each of us has what we need to service the public during its time of need.

Ross will become an open water diver this year as well EDRI trained. He will be one of our main divers during our searches. We feel he will be a great asset to our team. Welcome

aboard Ross.

Heather McKinnon

Assistant PR/Fund Raising

Heather is our newest member coming to us from the health care field. She works closely with elderly patients and has great dedication to their care and well being. She will be helping us with our Fund Raising and Public awareness. And will be working closely with Kristen. We are excited to have her as the newest member. Welcome aboard Heather.

Mike Albuquerque

Fund Raising/Team Lead

Welcome Mike, who is the jack of all trades. He is willing and able to step into any role we may have for him. One of the first ones to volunteer when things need to get done. He has a passion for the water and its safety and a huge desire to dive and keep the community safe. We look forward to all he has to offer the team. Welcome aboard Mike

Kevin Wilson

Fund Raising/Team Lead

Welcome Kevin to the team, he comes to us well on his way to becoming one of our two Dive Masters and is currently in our presidents Rescue Dive Class with CT Scuba Academy. He is a dedicated and motivated individual with a lot of passion for community service and helping others. He is also working on getting his 6 Pack for being one of our boat captain's. We look forward to working with Kevin on all of our projects as his excitement is contagious!!! 

Welcome aboard Kevin

Kasey Prew

Fund Raising

Welcome to the team Kasey, she comes to us with a desire to help out the community that she has lived in her entire life. In the short time we have had her on the team she has been to every fund raiser and been a team player. She will be one of our divers come summer and we are very excited to have her. Welcome aboard Kasey.

Miranda Rogers-Zion

Fund Raising

Welcome to the team Miranda, ever since she was a small girl she has always loved helping others. Often volunteering as a mentor to the disabled children for the Special Olympics to helping with the many organizations her family believed in volunteering for. She will be a great addition to the team with all of the fund raising we have to do to make this work.

Welcome aboard Miranda!!

Brendon Ro​gers-Zio​n

Junior Rescuer Advisor

He just recently joined NESAR and comes to us with several years of experience in working with disabled children and being a mentor. He will be our Junior Rescuer Advisor. He will be working closely with these junior rescuers making sure that they have a good grasp on water safety and how to assist on land with a search. They will be a great asset in helping with our fundraising projects. We look forward to seeing what these young rescuers can do. Welcome aboard Brendon.

Come learn all about the water and water safety!!!


Kya Boissel

Junior Rescuer

We are proud to announce Kya as our very first junior rescuer!!! She is a very energetic teenager who has a passion for sports. She belongs to the wresting and field hockey teams in her high school and does very well on both. She has expressed an interest in diving and water sports as well as helping in the community. She will be working closely with Brendon our Junior Rescuer Advisor with all of our community service projects. And will become an open water diver this coming summer. We look forward to seeing her grow into a strong and dedicated member over the next few years and welcome her with open arms!!!

Desiree Wilson

We want to welcome this little spitfire of a diver, at such a young age she has proven she has the gumption to become one of our strongest members when she comes of age. She is currently participating in the rescue dive class our president is taking and absolutely KILLING IT!!! Unfortunately she is not old enough for it to count but that doesn't seem to stop her from the desire to learn all she can at a very fast pace. 

Welcome aboard Desiree!!


Karina Albuquerque

We are so happy to welcome Karina to our family, she is a very happy energetic young woman who has dived right into helping us with all of our events. She has proven how special she is each time we all get together. And we would like to wish her a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY on March 12, that she shares with the presidents nephew Gavin. 

Welcome aboard Karina!!!

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