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Saving a Life, One Rescue Mission at a Time

The members of our water rescue team have a strong work ethic and drive to be the best at what they do. We all work hard to get the training we need so we can be prepared for every search and rescue operation in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Moreover, our team is compassionate, dedicated, and detail-orientated. We will not stop until we bring everyone home! 

Mission Statement

At New England Search and Rescue, our mission is to help the communities in Connecticut and Rhode Island in searching for people who have gone missing in the waters. We are a team of dedicated individuals who train all year long to master different types of rescue techniques so we can be a more diverse team. Each one of us has a particular specialization that makes our team stronger as a whole.

In addition, we are planning to participate in the beach cleanup drives of some local communities. We also want to help raise money for other causes such as Gloria Gemma, Pink Heals, and March of Dimes.

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